Prime UK Residential – Autumn/Winter 2021

Town or country: where will the pendulum settle?

When the housing market reopened last year, demand for property outside of London and urban centres soared as people reassessed their lifestyles and what they wanted from their homes. More recently, buyers and tenants alike have started coming back to cities, and the gradual opening up of international travel has seen the return of overseas students and corporate employees to UK markets. Yet, still, the demand for country living shows no sign of abating.

Are these trends that we’ve witnessed over the past 18 months a flash in the pan or part of a more permanent rebalancing? Perhaps what we believed to be temporary lifestyle drivers are not so temporary after all.

Despite the tapered and subsequent end to the stamp duty holiday in England and Northern Ireland, many people’s desire to move remains undeterred. Our survey of buyers and sellers active in the market today shows a strong commitment to move, but perhaps with less urgency than one year ago.

In this strong seller’s and landlord’s market, you might be thinking – is now the right time to make a move?

Justin Marking, Head of Global Residential

This sustained demand in both the sales and lettings markets has led to a depletion of stock across the UK and, in turn, competitive bidding. In this strong seller’s and landlord’s market, you might be thinking – is now the right time to make a move?

Evidently, many questions hang over the market. Is it a good time to sell? Is it a good time to buy? What direction are prices heading? How is the lack of supply affecting the UK’s prime residential markets?

Our latest Prime UK Residential report provides the answers, thanks to the careful analysis and discerning insight of our brilliant researchers, who work tirelessly to measure the pulse of the market. We hope it provides you with the facts and guidance you need to inform your future property decisions.



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