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Empowering Lab by Savills conquers National Business Sustainability Award

The 'Empowering Lab', an innovative initiative by Savills Portugal, has been honored with the prestigious National Business Sustainability Award in the esteemed "Health and Well-being in Organizations" category.

Developed by a dedicated team at Savills, this program is designed to cultivate a happier and healthier workplace environment, placing individuals at the heart of the company's endeavors.

Savills has long prioritized fostering a culture that places holistic well-being at the forefront for its people, and through this initiative, seeks to address the evolving landscape of the labor market, particularly concerning ESG criteria.

Structured around four core pillars - 'listening', 'empowering', 'challenging', and 'collaborating' - the 'Empowering Lab' aims to nurture a work culture founded on freedom, autonomy, accountability, and a collaborative ethos. The project encompasses various activities such as workshops and masterclasses covering pertinent topics including stress management, effective communication, time and conflict management, as well as aspects of nutrition, sleep, and physical exercise.

This accolade not only acknowledges Savills' innovative strides but also underscores its dedication to fostering a workplace where everyone possesses the necessary tools to flourish.

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