Report: Prime UK Residential – spring/summer 2022

Lifestyle changes continue to drive market growth

Welcome to our latest Prime UK Residential report

Following a period of high demand and price growth, our research team consider how the prime market will respond to the changing landscape of economic and geopolitical uncertainty. In his commentary lead, Lucian Cook identifies three potential sources of disruption.

As prices in prime central London record their strongest quarterly growth in eight years, we highlight the importance of new build supply levels in future growth prospects, while for anyone considering a home in London’s commuter zone, our latest data identifies the perfect balance of commute time and property price.

The results from our April buyer and seller survey provide a fascinating insight into people’s buying intentions and motivations. One of the key findings is that energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important to buyers – a particular challenge for owners of prime period homes. Our analysis of recommended improvements is a must-read.

For our forecasts on the prime rental market, we’ve taken a view on the recent past – particularly the contrast in performance of the London and commuter belt markets.

State of the

Rents and capital values of prime property continue to rise despite increasing interest rates and geopolitical uncertainty. But how long might it continue? Lucian Cook, Head of Residential Research, answers this question and more.

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Our April 2022 buyer and seller survey highlights how prime property buying intentions are evolving. Frances Clacy gives an in-depth analysis into the five factors shaping demand in the residential prime property market.

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Prime central

Despite supply and demand issues and an uncertain geopolitical backdrop, the PCL housing market has remained robust, with encouraging Q1 growth. Gaby Foord explores whether this is the recovery we’ve been expecting.

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Do the benefits of moving further from London outweigh more expensive travel costs? Frances Clacy analyses the 50 most popular train stations in London’s commuter zone and provides a useful tool for those considering a move out of London.

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The race for space. The return to the office. Hybrid working. Jessica Tomlinson charts how these factors have influenced the performance of rental values across London and commuter belt markets since 2020, and discovers what's in store for 2022.

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Future-proofing the value of your home. With policymakers looking to set mortgage lending targets to secure a step change in householder investment in energy efficiency improvements, Lucian Cook determines what this means for owners of prime property.

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