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Hong Kong Data Centres 2H/2020

Booming demand for data processing and storage has run well ahead of supply

The bright side of COVID-19 - Data Centres 

Data centres are a vital part of ICT infrastructure for any digital economy. They provide a catalyst for the development of new content and applications and support the sustainable growth of more traditional pillar industries including financial services, trading and logistics. Given the city’s reliable power supply, rich network connectivity, low climate risk, and strong data protection, Hong Kong is well positioned to serve as a regional data centre hub. 

Building specifications

There are four data centre classifications with different requirements, with Tier IV the highest classification. Data centres are operated as either colocation, managed hosting or hybrid facilities. Colocation provides space rental services for tenants who purchase their own servers, while managed hosting provides servers for rent and provides 24-hour system support. Typically, retail operators (JUMBO-iAdvantage by SUNeVision in Tsuen Wan, Wharf T&T in Tsuen Wan) provide managed hosting services, while wholesale operators (Global Switch in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate) provide colocation services. You can refer to Tables 1-3 for more details.

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