Green Park

Client: Incus Capital

Address: Avenida dos Combatentes, nº 43 and 43A

City: Lisbon

Area: 1,700 sq.m

State: On Going


Project Description

This project focused on the refurbishment of the common areas of the Green Park building, a reference office building in the city of Lisbon. The successive interventions that have been made, mainly in the entrance lobby, have led not only to a de-characterization of the building but also to a mismatch with the new trends.

The main idea was to transform the entrance floor into something more than a "simple" reception. The aim was to make this large area of about 1,000 sq.m more dynamic by introducing various features and new environments. Besides a new reception desk, there are sitting and relaxing areas and a range of shared services, within the WorkCafé concept, such as auditoriums, meeting rooms and collaborative workspaces. In the lift halls of the remaining floors, a modern environment has been assigned with a floor signage.

Neutral materials were chosen, in shades of black and beige, which meet the chromatic patterns of the base of the building - the marble stone. The inclusion of natural elements, such as wood, green walls and plants increase the feeling of comfort and the quality of the environment. In order to provide a unique and distinct character to the building, it was proposed the installation of a significant scale author piece by the meeting area.