Atlas III


Client: Incus Capital

Address: Av. José Gomes Ferreira nº 9-11

City: Lisboa

Area: 4,510 sq.m

State: On Going


Project Description

The Atlas III office building, located in Miraflores, has been fully renovated, not only the office spaces but all the common areas. The open space offices were restored to their original form. In short, the structural materials (walls, floors and ceilings) and building's technical installations have been repaired, enabling the space to receive a Fit Out intervention.

The lobby image was renewed with the introduction of warm tones and sophisticated textures. Brushed brass stands as a contrast to existing granite. On the ceiling of 1st floor, a metallic curtain is suspended which descends to floor 0, appearing to be a "giant chandelier". The reception counter with a monolithic shape, contrasts with the lightness of the new metallic surfaces.

In the lift halls, the new lighting design, which rips through the ceiling and walls, gives a new rhythm to the corridors, in which a whole new signage language is included.

The toilets installations are also part of this project, with new wall and ceiling coverings in warm shades, as well as an adequate lighting design that offers comfort and modernity to these spaces.