Design for DEIA

What is it and why does it matter?

DEIA stands for 'diversity', 'equity', 'inclusion' and 'accessibility'

Diversity and inclusion are important aspects of the social dimension of ESG, as they reflect how a business values and respects its employees, customers and communities

It can also enhance the innovation, creativity and performance of a business, as well as its reputation and attractiveness to stakeholders. Some suggest that diversity and inclusion are more than the ‘S’ in ESG, as they can also influence the environmental and governance dimensions.

When the walls of exclusion come down, everyone benefits

Yetta Reardon Smith, Director, Senior Workplace Strategist

A diverse workforce can be more aware of the environmental challenges and opportunities that affect different regions, and can support the business to adopt more sustainable practices. Diverse leadership can improve governance and oversight, bringing different perspectives, experiences and skills to the decision-making process.

The world is in a constant state of change and businesses that are prepared to embrace a diverse and inclusive journey will be best placed to respond and consciously adapt.

Creativity and empathy is the human legacy.

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