In Focus: Prime Central London

A view from the top

Looking back at the property headlines in 2023 so far, you would be led to believe that wealth and investment had deserted the UK, and the property market had halted. But there is a marked difference between the headlines and reality when it comes to prime central London property today.

Despite the concerns over rising interest rates and increased price sensitivity, wealthy cash buyers are still acquiring toptier trophy homes. And there’s been a surge of interest in the luxury rental market too. Tenants are looking for similar home qualities as buyers, perhaps with a more transient mindset.

Demonstrated by the recent market activity, London retains its status as a leader in attracting worldwide wealth. London’s schools, culture, green spaces, history and architecture all continue to contribute to its liveability and lifestyle. Currency has also played its role in attracting international buyers and tenants to the capital.

London’s sense of community has resurged throughout its distinctive districts. Cafes are bustling and shopping districts are busy once again; and the diversity of lifestyles on offer available mean that whether you indulge in the historic architecture or enjoy the warmth of an artisan neighbourhood, there really is something to suit many tastes.

Highly sought-after homes, whether established for years or new in the making, only become available once in a generation. When buying in London, you’re not only buying bricks and mortar, but rather you are investing into a rare, prestigious part of London’s history.

In our fourth edition of ‘In Focus: Prime Central London’ we blend our in-depth research and insights with our agents’ experiences across the prime central London districts and micro-hoods to provide you with an accurate account of the market. If you’re thinking of buying, selling, letting, renting or investing, we’d love to talk to you.    

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