Prime UK Residential – Autumn 2022

Caution amid the economic uncertainty

With the news agenda dominated by the prospect of interest rate rises, inflationary pressures and increases in both the cost of living and energy bills, homeowners are naturally asking how these issues will affect the prime property market. Our August client and buyer survey provides some insight into how economic and supply issues are affecting buying decisions.  

As we face up to the prospect of interest rate rises, Lucian Cook examines the role of equity and debt. His analysis identifies how the use and reliance of debt vary across the UK’s most aspirational markets and brings historical context to mortgage affordability. Not only are we facing the prospect of interest rate rises, but also the rising costs of energy bills. Our analysis covers energy efficiency improvements you can make in your home today to save you on your energy bill.

Elsewhere, you can read our current and future assessment of the prime rental markets, while Frances McDonald reveals where village life comes with a significant house price premium. Demand for village properties in established coastal, historic, and commuter hotspots remains high, but we also spotlight those up-and-coming villages where sales are rising but remain close to the local average.

At a time when many will have questions about their next move, our latest Prime UK Residential report addresses the facts with the data and perspectives to help you make an informed decision. If you’re selling, buying, letting, or renting we’d love to hear from you. 


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Playing to a different tune

With interest rates and the cost of living on the rise, how is a change in the mood music affecting the prime housing market?

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Buyer sentiment

Our August client and applicant survey reveals how economic and supply issues are affecting buying decisions

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The role of debt

Lucian Cook looks at the implications of increases in the cost of living and mortgage finance for the prime housing market

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Reaching for renewables

More buyers are targeting energy efficiency improvements. It’s not just about a long-term saving on running costs, it’s about future-proofing the value of their property too.

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Where next for prime rentals?

Strong demand and lack of stock looks set to keep upwards pressure on rental values across London and the commuter belt.

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Village variety

Throughout the pandemic, the value of properties in prime UK villages recorded their strongest growth in 12 years – rising by 9.0% during 2021.

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