Cardiff: Building a resilient future


Cardiff has a legacy of rapid growth, and this is set to continue. The city has outpaced the national levels of population and GDP growth over the last 15 years. This growth has been supported by affordable workplaces and homes – which are key advantages in an era characterised by both a housing and cost of living crisis. 

The city has a vibrant and rapidly growth tech and media sector, supported by university led incubators. This has fostered a world class start-up culture, with a greater number of start-ups opening compared to closing than anywhere else in the UK. These employment opportunities have been attracting young professionals from elsewhere, as well as retaining those graduating from the cities’ universities. Comparatively affordable homes has helped them settle down in the city.

While the city is set to continue growing, it is committed to doing so in a sustainable manner. Homes across Wales will be required to produce 75% less CO¬2 than current ones by 2025. New build developments of over 100 homes will also need to consider efficient district heat systems. Energy across the whole region will be produced more sustainably, with a target of 70% of energy coming from renewable sources by 2030.

The three articles below dig into these themes in greater depth, showing the strengths, challenges and opportunities ahead for Cardiff.   

City of growth

The Welsh capital has witnessed a great deal of expansion over the past 15 years with economic growth outstripping the UK national average

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Shifting demand

A changing economic base and the drive for Levelling Up is creating new opportunities across the city

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Sustainability over the long term

Wales is leading the way among the home nations in setting out its plans to meet net zero ambitions

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