Global Destinations for Second Homes

Focus on Wellness

In the wake of the pandemic, the emphasis on individual and collective wellness has never been higher. For many this emphasis is transferring over to our lifestyles and the things we look for in our homes and the wider locations that we choose to make our primary and, increasingly, second homes. The second home market has also shifted dramatically post-pandemic. Hybrid working is likely here to stay, so changing priorities and an increased emphasis on lifestyle has led purchasers to demand greater indoor and outdoor space, as well focusing on the wellness credentials and connectivity of their homes. Second homes often fulfil these criteria and flexible work arrangements now allow users to use them more throughout the year rather than just a few weeks during peak holiday seasons, creating a genuine second home, rather than a holiday home.

It is with all this in mind that Savills Research has examined top second homes locations, each with a focus on wellness and within easy access of some of the major cities featured in the Savills World Cities Prime Residential Index. While all these locations are amongst the most desirable local and even global destinations for second homes, this analysis explores which ones tick most boxes for the new perfect location of a secondary residence from a wellness perspective.


Second homes in context: Pandemic priorities

More than ever, wellness has become a high priority for many buyers.

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Second Homes – Wellness

Across the board, locations which perform well against their counterparts for their particular World City can be found in traditional sun and sea areas.

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Locations in focus

With the increased focus on personal health and wellness, second homes locations have to pull double-duty.

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The yoga index

For second home locations with key wellness credentials, provisions for yogis are an advantage.

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Rising interest rates will make borrowing for a second home mortgage more expensive and could deter some buyers.

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