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Cristina Cristóvão is Business Development Director for Property Management and a RICS Member. She has more than 20 years of experience in Real Estate, with focus on Business Development, Retail Agency and Research.  

Cristina joins the company in Portugal in 2016, as the Retail Agency Director. In 2021 she moved the Property Management Team with the objective to Develop new Property Management business lines and increase the assets under management. 

Currently she leads the Department from a commercial perspective with the role to develop Commercial Plans, coordination with legal department to contracting with clients, commercial presentations and client events.

Beginning her career in real estate in 1996 Cristina specializes in the retail sector, acting for national and international retailers, developers and investors for new and existing schemes. 

During her career she has the opportunity of working in different markets such as Angola and in Brazil as the Head of Research and Consulting Departments.

For 5 years she focused on high street retail leasing, also providing consultancy for different departments such as Capital Markets and Consultancy, until she joined the Property Management Team, as Business Developer Director.  


Property Management

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  • Keys Asset Management
  • BPI Asset Management
  • Square Asset Management
  • Incus Capital
  • Interfundos Asset Management
  • Montepior Valor

Cristina is a dedicated professional with a vast knowledge in the retail and real estate sectors. Her contributions are always highly valued.

Rafael Pelote, Head of Market Intelligence at Sonae Sierra

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