Miguel Bombarda 4


Client: Avignon Capital

Address: Av. Miguel Bombarda, 4

City: Lisbon

Area: 14,160 sq.m

State: On Going


Project Description

Located in the heart of Lisbon, this 40-year-old author building has a strong presence in the area where it is located.

The first approach intended to only renovate the interiors, but different stakeholders decided to go further and improve the building with the aim of core & shell sustainability and transform the existing building into a Green Building.

This was the motto for the layout definition, with a special focus on the preparation of the office areas that would allow adjustments by the future tenants, including sustainable infrastructures on site and the creation of several common well-being spaces such as a cafeteria, gymnasium, bicycle park with toilets. The new entrance of the building creates a lobby for visitors and another for staff in different areas of the building, allowing access for people with reduced mobility which was previously non-existent.

The entire ground floor of the building has been redesigned and the result is a renewed relationship between the building and the street, offering green spaces and a modern urban image for passers-by.

The objective is an intervention of low environmental impact, ensuring adequate solutions, considering the final needs of the users and optimising future reduction of operational costs.