Client: Pedro e Mantovani, S.A.

Address: Rua Cidade de Lisboa – Parque Industrial de Frielas

City: Loures

Area: 2,400 sq.m

State: Finished


Project Description

The Savills project created a second skin to the main facade of the building, an aluminium structure anchored to the wall of the building, keeps the facade away from the original elevation.

The ventilated facades are considered a sustainable constructive solution, helping to improve buildings thermic comfort, capable of reducing 30% to 50% buildings energy consumption.

The new image seeks contemporary and sober lines. It takes on two layers of intervention that denounce the two floors that are part of the volumes which compose the showroom.

The ceramic base gives it the solidity that the name Mantovani has built in the last 50 years, the upper floor becomes lighter in white aluminium modular panels, allowing regular metric openings that illuminate the interior of the store.

The new shed accommodates the connection between the blocks and is a totally open-air place, giving more prominence and shelter to the entrance of the blocks.

The interior refurbishment considers new wall cladding and painting materials, aiming to maximise interior lighting quality and accoustic comfort through contemporary solutions.