Spotlight: European Data Centre – 2024

Navigating the new data-centric frontiers 


The expanding footprint of AI applications across an array of industries is ushering in a paradigm shift within the realm of data centres, prompting a recalibration of priorities. Amidst this evolution, sustainability considerations and escalating expenses emerge as formidable hurdles. Balancing technological innovation, environmental stewardship, and financial viability is imperative for the sector’s continued growth and resilience. 

Despite the high number of new data centres anticipated to be built by 2028, the market is expected to remain largely undersupplied across Europe. We believe that prime yields, currently standing at 5–6% on the continent, will remain stable for most of the year, with a slight inward movement towards the end of the year as market dynamics evolve.

Scott Newcombe, Head of Data Centre Advisory EMEA

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