Portugal Real Estate Investment Guide

This collaboration culminated in the publication of the first edition of the Investment Guide signed by the property consultancy and the law firm


Savills, one of the world’s leading property consultants, and DLA Piper, one of the largest global law firms, have launched the first edition of the Property Investment Guide, a tool designed to support national and international investors in their decision-making process regarding the Portuguese Real Estate market. 

By providing an overview of the market as well as the current legal framework, this tool offers investors a current panorama of the country, considering the existing investment opportunities. 


This Real Estate Investment Guide compiles relevant information, which is divided into four different topics: 

- “Real Estate Market Overview”, where an analysis of the national property market is presented along with the main trends for this year that make the country a unique investment case; 

- “The Legal Perspective”, a topic that highlights issues such as leasing, planning and licensing, financing and the fiscal framework; 

- “Sustainability as a Driven Force”, which places sustainability as a driving force for innovation in an economy that offers countless opportunities for a green transition. Here, existing incentives and financing mechanisms are presented;

- “Green Leases”, a chapter that presents the importance of so-called green clauses in the property sector, which ensure that properties are built and used in a sustainable way.


Paulo Silva, Head of Country at Savills Portugal, points out: “The present national landscape reveals Portugal’s enduring status as a premier destination for international investors. Over the years, discerning investors have acknowledged the country’s robust market fundamentals. Collaborating with esteemed legal practitioners such as DLA Piper empowers us to provide a comprehensive and cohesive resource. Our objective is to facilitate investors’ decision-making processes and reinforce Portugal's standing as one of the most desirable locations for living, working, and investing.”


Luís Filipe Carvalho, Partner at DLA Piper in Portugal, underscores: “The Portuguese property market continues to show considerable dynamism in the various segments, which is amply demonstrated in the DLA Piper and Savills Guide. Despite some uncertainties dictated by political choices, the national legal framework has generally proved reliable for investors, which has been a determining factor in the sustainable leverage of the sector. Legal stability must be maintained and the law must incorporate more and better measures to attract investment in this industry. This Guide, the result of extensive joint work, is intended to help promote the sector and attract investment, from both a market and legal perspective.”