Seminar: What Next After Help to Buy

Help to Buy is due to end in April 2023 and narrows choices for both developers and buyers. A topical question and one that has been asked since the end date was announced is – “well, what happens next?” The Residential Development Sales division hosted a seminar to try and address that question to a room of developer clients.

The event kicked off with an introductory speech from George Cardale, head of RDS. Gaby Foord and Emily Williams, both in the residential research team then gave insightful presentations. Gaby highlighted that when broken down regionally, in the last three years the South East has seen the biggest usage of Help to Buy, while the North East has seen the lowest usage.  Emily Williams delved deeper into the First Homes programme and highlighted that while it is more accessible than outright ownership, it is less accessible than Help to Buy. David O’Leary, policy director at Housing Building Federation then presented on Deposit Unlock – a privately funded mortgage guarantee scheme.

Following the presentations there was a panel discussion chaired by George Cardale, on the panel were Gaby Foord, Emily Williams, Lucy Chitty (Head of Shared Ownership), Helen Moore (Group Director – Orbit Homes) and David O’Leary (Policy Director at HBF).

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