Lisbon, North Region & Algarve Region KPIs | January to July 2019



Considering the city of Lisbon, the revenue per available room (RevPar) between January and July of 2019 registered a slightly rise of 1.19% considering the homologous period of 2018, performing a total of € 88.57. This rise is justified by the growth of 2.66% of the average daily rate (ADR), which registered until the end of July € 113.19. This value had a special contribute of the 4 stars category, which increased 4.51%, at the same time of a reduction of the occupancy rate of 2.71 pp.

Penalized by the decrease of 4 stars category, the general occupancy rate per room decreased 1.14 pp, falling from 79.39% to 78.25% between January and July, even with slightly improvements in 3 and 5 stars categories. Focusing only in the month of July, we can see a deterioration of all indicators, compensated by the performance of the 6 previous months.

Brazilians, Americans and Frenches are the top 3 of tourists of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, with a special focus for the Americans, who registered in July the biggest quote between all nationalities (12.1%), plus 14.2% than in the same period of 2018.

The North Region registered the best performance, with high growth rates of RevPar, ADR and visitors.

By the other hand, Algarve Region registered low growth rates between January and July, comparing with the same period of 2018, but is important to refer the excellent performance during July, with an occupancy rate per room of 99.50% and a consequent rise of the RevPar.