Paulo Silva

With a career spanning more than 30 years in the Portuguese property market, Paulo Silva is noticeable for his extensive experience in the market and for his example of leadership. Currently Head of Country at Savills Portugal, his career has been marked by important achievements.

The start of his career dates to 1993, when he took on the role of Financial and Commercial Director at Ferrovial and Vallehermoso, an experience that laid the foundations for what would become a career full of strategic vision for one of the first names to break new ground in real estate in Portugal.

Over the years, Paulo Silva has taken on various leadership roles in renowned property consultancies, including the likes of Donaldsons, Healey & Baker, Reflexo and GVA Consultimo. In 2000, with his characteristic entrepreneurial spirit, he set up his own company, Cosmopolita, which merged with Aguirre Newman in 2007, with Paulo taking on the role of Managing Director.

Today, as Head of Country at Savills, Paulo Silva continues to bring his experience and innovative vision to the company’s day-to-day activity, reflecting his commitment to excellence and becoming an inspiration to those who have entered the area more recently.

He was President of ACAI - Association of Real Estate Consultancy and Appraisal Companies between 2013 and 2019.

Paulo Silva also holds the position of Director of the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (BPCC), a role that emphasises his commitment to promoting international connections.

Outside of his professional life, Paulo enjoys spending time with his family. As an avid enthusiast of an active lifestyle, cycling and running are also part of his daily routine. Reading is also one of his favourite hobbies.

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  • RICS
  • Degree in Economics
  • Postgraduate degree in Management Institution and Financial Operations


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