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One year of Savills Predibisa: company registers strong growth in the market of the North region of Portugal

Twelve months after the acquisition of Predibisa by Savills Portugal, the diversification of services has been essential for the dynamization of the business

In the month that marks one year since the acquisition of Predibisa by Savills Portugal, the company has seen a period of remarkable growth.

Notably, there have been significant increases in activity within the retail and residential departments, particularly in the acquisition and sale of exclusive developments. The investment segment has also shown exceptional performance.

The acquisition of Predibisa in June 2023 was pivotal for Savills Portugal’s geographical consolidation in the northern region. With over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial property consultancy in Porto, Predibisa, as the market leader in the area, brought invaluable expertise to Savills. Additionally, the presence of Savills as a multinational corporation, with its extensive know-how and sophisticated services, has significantly enhanced the local business by providing access to a global market.

Today, 170 people work for Savills in the Lisbon and Porto offices, which, in addition to the acquisition, shows continued organic growth in the team, reflecting the growing dynamism of the company’s activity.

In addition to the growth in various departments in Porto, this was one of the deals that marked the 2023 real estate panorama and placed Savills Portugal at the top of the table as the national market leader in Industrial & Logistics and Offices last year with a market share of 32% and 53% respectively, with the latter indicator showing continued leadership in the I&L segment over the last four years where more than 200,000 sq m of operations were totalled.

However, the acquisition by Savills has not only solidified the presence of the Porto brand in real estate transactions but has also fostered significant development in non-transaction areas such as BPC & Architecture and Sustainability Consultancy. This underscores the importance of a diversified and specialized offering to better serve various segments of the real estate market on a national level.

Paulo Silva, Head of Country at Savills Portugal, highlights: “The acquisition of Predibisa marked a significant milestone in the growth of Savills Portugal, as evidenced by the remarkable results. Our objective of geographic consolidation and expansion in the northern region is being successfully achieved, demonstrating our exceptional capacity for integration. Our Porto team deserves commendation for showcasing its market strength and leveraging the full potential of the Savills brand. We are experiencing solid growth, coupled with an enhanced ability to serve our clients with the excellence that defines us. Moreover, our strategy of diversifying our services has enabled us to offer superior and more comprehensive support to our clients in the north of the country.”

Rui Branco, Managing Director of Savills Portugal | Porto Division, says: “We are very proud to see the growth and evolution of Savills in Porto. The company's vast experience in the Lisbon market and strong national and international networking bring with them a greater ability to keep up with the strong dynamics in the Porto market. Our team will certainly enable us to continue on this upward trajectory in the coming years, not only in the residential market, but also in commercial property. A clear demonstration of this is that after this acquisition operation, we have already seen an organic growth in the number of people in the team, where the combination of Predibisa’s local expertise, combined with the sophistication of Savills' services and brand, has been a real driving force for the b

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