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Savills responsible for setting up new Seven Principles office in Porto

Portugal was selected as the prime location for expanding the German IT business model

Porto, 22 April 2024 – Savills unveils the inauguration of Seven Principles’ new office, nestled in the prestigious ‘Bridge Building’ at Rua Sá da Bandeira, no. 819. This architectural gem is currently undergoing refurbishment to provide state-of-the-art workspaces spanning approximately 6,000 square meters, ensuring unparalleled quality and functionality. Seven Principles, a renowned German IT company specializing in Managed Services and Software Development, has chosen this prime location to further enhance its operational excellence.

According to Reiner Moser, Managing Director of Seven Principles Portugal, “(...) The selection of Portugal for our project expansion was driven by the exceptional opportunities it presents. We were particularly drawn to the professionalism of the local IT specialists, coupled with their cosmopolitan mindset, fostering seamless collaboration with international teams. Today, we stand assured of our decision, having secured a building of this quality. Boasting superb sun exposure, it ensures ample natural light throughout the day. Moreover, its proximity to various amenities surrounding the ‘Bridge Building’, including shopping and dining options, leisure facilities, gardens, and a robust public transport network with excellent road access, further enhances its appeal.”

For Francisco Megre, Senior Consultant at Savills Portugal, responsible for the deal: “(...) international companies find talent in Porto, but also quality offices that accompany their evolution and growth (...) And the relationships built up by the Savills team with local developers and investors confirm a deep knowledge of the characteristics of this office market, which allowed us to present various options in the most central areas of Porto, meeting the expectations of the Seven Principles team, ensuring and adding value to the installation of this project, which thus saw the city as its first destination in Portugal.”

It’s worth mentioning that, to nurture and steer the company’s expansion in Portugal, where it presently employs 20 people serving a prominent German financial institution, the strategic move was made to designate a Portuguese Director. Marco Lizardo, chosen for his extensive expertise in the local market, legal landscape, and established networks within esteemed universities in the northern region of the country, will play a pivotal role in guiding the organization’s trajectory.

“We take pride in our accomplishments during our inaugural year in Portugal, yet our journey is far from over. Looking ahead, upcoming projects originating from Germany will predominantly harness the expertise and support of our talented workforce in Portugal. This strategy aims to foster a synergy between seasoned professionals and promising young graduates. Our office, adept in facilitating remote operations, is poised to accommodate a burgeoning team of up to 120 individuals in Portugal, with a 25% daily attendance in our premises,” concludes Marco Lizardo, Director of the Porto Unit.

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