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PEPCO arrives at Ria Shopping by the hand of Savills

Savills has just entered the Polish fashion retail brand in the shopping centre located in Olhão

Savills, by its retail department, concluded another operation at Ria Shopping in Olhão, this time with the entry of PEPCO in the commercial area located in the Algarve.

With more than 3,000 stores across Europe, PEPCO is the new sensation in the Portuguese market and will have a 749 sq. m. store in this shopping centre. This operation is part of the commercial strategy of the brand, aiming to open several stores in the country. The population of Olhão will have this space available in the beginning of the second quarter of 2023.

With this new store, Ria Shopping differs from the rest of the shopping centres in the region, welcoming another brand that has just arrived in Portugal.

So far, Savills has been responsible for placing in Ria Shopping about 4,000 sq. m. of commercial area in segments like restoration, decoration, well-being and fashion; this is the fifth operation completed by the real estate consultant.

“PEPCO complements the commercial mix with a new offer in essential trendy products, and in an accessible to all manner; this is why we are proud to receive in Olhão another major international brand. We feel great expectation and enthusiasm about this opening in Ria Shopping, and it will certainly meet the excellent reception and recognition of our population, just as has happened with the previous ones”, says Patrícia Alberto, Property Manager of Ria Shopping.

“The opening of PEPCO stores in Portugal is the next step, and very important in the growing path of our brand. Considering market research and realizing the interest in Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Italy, we also hope to gain visibility in Portugal. Our plans are very ambitious and, from our vast experience, when we settle in a new country, we experience a ‘snowball effect’, being able to quickly expand the business.  We hope that Portugal will be an important milestone in our development map”, says Jorge Barrie Ruiz, Iberia Operation Manager, PEPCO.

“Contributing to the development of a commercial project that positively impacts all stakeholders, but also the population of a region, is for us, Savills, a reason for pride. Ria Shopping, in Olhão, is today a more dynamic shopping centre close to everyone. PEPCO’s entry is another step in its journey to success. Savills actively contributes to the increase in the quality of the Centre's offer and the quality of life of the residents of Olhão and of the visitors to Ria Shopping”, stresses Maria Luísa Branco, Retail Associate, Savills Portugal.

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