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The Anatomy of the Prime Market

Mapping the prime hotspots across the country and examining where might be next

Across Great Britain there were 18,000 sales over £1m+ in 2014 with an aggregate value of around £44bn, more than the previous high in 2007. The increase in the size of this market over the past decade has been huge as the number of £1m+ sales recorded tripled. 

Our map shows where these sales occurred in 2014 as well as the tier below, the £750k - £1m market. Although the majority of the transactions are in the South of England, accounting for 88% of all £1m+ sales excluding London, our map picks out where the prime hotspots across the country are located.


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MAP 1£750k+ sales in 2014

Source: Savills Research using Land Registry and Registers of Scotland


Additionally, we have looked at Local Authorities where we expect the biggest growth in £1m+ sales to occur, as shown in Table 3 below

Over the next five years, we are forecasting that prime property will see price rises ranging from 25.7% in the London suburbs to 17.5% in Scotland (see page 14 for further details). Using these forecasts and 2014 sales data, we have estimated how many £1m+ sales there will be by 2019.

We have grouped the sales by local authority and below is a table of the locations we expect to see the biggest increases.


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TABLE 3Where are the biggest prime growth locations?

Source: Savills Research using Land Registry, HMRC and Registers of Scotland

NB: Analysis excludes Local Authorities with fewer than 20 £1m+ sales in 2014. *estimated using Land Registry, HMRC and Registers of Scotland


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