Spotlight: Impact of Covid-19 on European retail

Covid-19 has accelerated the changes in the European retail sectors. Consumers, retailers and landlords are adapting to a 'new normal'

The world is slowly adapting to the new reality of living with the pandemic. Each country we monitor has its own challenges and a different timeline with reopening and managing infection rates. However, the impact of the health crisis on consumer behaviour, the way retail places are changing, and the challenges this presents to retailers and landlords are surprisingly consistent.

Change is inevitable, growth is optional

John C. Maxwell

What we are witnessing is the accelerated evolution of a number of key trends that were already reshaping retail. In this report, we discuss the changes, the challenges and the opportunities. It is broken down in four sections that can also be read separately. Although we need to allow the dust to settle, some irreversible changes will lead to a 'new normal'. Companies in the retail sector must grasp the opportunity to shape it.

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